Magento is one of the most powerful tools for creating an e-commerce site. However, while the site itself is fantastic, there is much work that goes into making sure that users pay attention to the site. The must-be there is to put many configurations into the web design to make users think the site is genuine, prompt, and will provide good quality products. It's called the optimization and the process of optimization, if done well, it will convince users who are just visiting the website to convert from visitors to customers.

When you own either a store or an online selling platform, it is vital to make sure that your sales online get boosted as much as possible. Many store owners out there are not aware of the rates of conversion for their business. It is essential to know that, especially with an online website. If it is low, the problem might lie in the optimization.

Most business owners report only minuscule rates of conversion on their site, and the reason is that their spending on conversion optimization is tiny as well. One of the not-considered parts of the digital aspects of the entire site optimization process today is conversion optimization.

What Is The Ideal Rate Of Conversion For Any Business?

In simple words, anything higher than the current one is better, and the higher it gets, the better it is.

A lot of site owners fail to understand the importance of this and choose to focus more on things like SEO and PPC. However, if done well, website optimization can nearly triple your revenues and make them incredibly better.

How To Optimize Product Pages To Boost Conversions?

Here are some tips to consider:

1. Engaging Product Page Title

the title is the first thing shoppers see when visiting your product page. Make your product page tile stand out, catchy and engaging.

2. Include Images Of The Products

On the product page of the site you are running on Magento 2, make sure to share the best product images since images are what attract people to know how the product looks. Whether they want to buy it, etc. With the perfect picture, even descriptions might be deemed unnecessary. Pictures help visualize the name of the product, its specifics, and the quality in some cases leading to many users trusting the website more.

The best images would be high resolution and best quality. Include multiple different angled images with zoom capabilities as well, to make sure users understand it even better.


3. Product Descriptions Are Important

A detailed description of the products themselves is essential as well. The point of the entire thing is to provide as much information as possible to users to make sure they are informed. So, they do not feel cheated on buying the products, and they can convince themselves by their own choice.

Full descriptions should have both short and long versions. The smaller versions should hold the vital detail of the product, such as what the product is, why it is worth the price, and who it is for.

4. Videos Are Demonstrable And Important

The point of the product is to make sure a need is satisfied and to sell one online. You need to bring users as close as possible to touching and feeling the product for themselves. A product video is probably the easiest way to do that. If it makes a difference in purchases, then implementing it further is probably a good idea. Videos show users how to handle the products is and how to use them. It can also lead users to trust the products even more.

5. Pricing & Shipping Costs

List the pricing and shipping information more transparently. Let know shoppers about your charges in the first place. Show your shipping charges and the total cost of the purchase right on the product page. Adding the shipping and VAT charges, later on, can put off your shoppers. You can also offer free shipping to your shoppers to win more trust.

Price and shipping

6. Clear Call-To-Action

Make sure to have a clear Call-To-Action (CTA) that tells buyers what they should do next to buy the product. Text on your CTA buttons profoundly affects your conversions and sales. Avoid fancy CTAs. You can use a primary button such as "Add To Cart", "Buy Now.", or "Get It." and secondary call-to-action buttons such as "Add To List""Add To Registry""Add To Compare", or "Add To Wish List".

Separate primary and secondary call-to-actions in some way. Use a color that makes your call-to-action button highly visible on your product page. Use more contracting dominant color for the main call-to-action button and more neutral for the secondary.

Clear call to action

7. Reviews & Ratings

Reviews and ratings significantly affect conversions and sales. Many buyers today trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Buyers want to hear the experience of other buyers.

Good reviews and ratings also help you build trust with your buyers. Make sure to sell a great product, list reviews per average and positives reviews at top, add a "add a review" call to action link on your product page,

Review and ratings

8. Upsell & Cross-Sell

Upselling and cross-selling techniques can help you encourage buyers to make more purchases Recommend higher quality up-sell and cross-sell products to your buyers when they're on a product page. This can help you maximize the average order size and revenue.

9. Speed

The loading time of your product page is significant, Shoppers are pressed for time. Make sure your product page is as light as possible while keeping media elements more attractive. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to test your product page loading speed and make sure to have the best possible scores.

10. Display Return Policy

outlines your return policy on the product page to be as transparent as possible with your shoppers. This helps your buyers know the steps that they may need to take if they wish to return the product.

Return policy

11. Create Q&A Section

When buyers visit your product page, they can have questions regarding your products. Make sure to add a FAQ section to your product page and give buyers the option to ask and answer questions on your product pages.

FAQ section


Website Optimization is not to be underestimated. It is an essential part of making sure shoppers buy the product from your website and improve conversion, i.e. purchasing. It is arguably more critical compared to SEO. While the above tips are good starting points, many others exist, which can help you further optimize your site and boost conversion.

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