Magento 2 Support & Maintenance

Magento 2 Support & Maintenance

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Magento 2 Support & Maintenance

Whether you need regular maintenance or urgent fixes for your Magento 2.x site - our Magento professionals are always responsive and ready to help you anytime!

What We Do?


A new website gives an opportunity to set a foundation, but growing is achieved over the long term and requires continual improvement and attention. We work with all Magento 2 version and can take care of all your site maintenance needs: development, security, site updates, extension build or adjustment, extension & theme installation, extension & theme installation configuration, integrations and much more!

We support any version of Magento 2 Commerce (formerly Enterprise) as well as Open Source (formerly Community Edition). Our support and maintenance services include:

Magento 2 site recovery

Your Magento 2 site is down, and you need urgent help to recover it? we will help you with that

Magento 2 customization

Any change you might need at your site. We'll apply a unique solution to meet your need.

Magento 2 extension/theme installation and configuration

We professionally install and configure any theme or extension you might need at your site

Magento 2 extension build and adjustment

We craft extension for Magento 2 or adjust the existing one to meet your specific need

Magento 2 responsive design

Convert your existing theme into responsive web design or customize the existing one to be more mobile-friendly

Magento 2 version upgrade.

Upgrading your site to the latest Magento 2 version to keep you up to date

Magento 2 site performance optimization

Website loading time reduction, Google PageSpeed improvements

Magento 2 security patch installation

We will inform you of the latest patch and install it at your site

Website migration to the different hosting provider

We will help you migrate your store to a different hosting provider

Magento 2 support on design and development

We provide customized solutions for designing and coding if you are up for making your site unique

Magento 2 code audit

We review your code base, changes on core code, integrations, extensions, database performance, security patches, known vulnerabilities. And, take the necessary actions to optimize the performance and maintainability

Magento 2 health check

We help to discover configuration and technical issues within a Magento 2 installation and optimize the efficiency and performance of your entire site



We understand business is not the same. Therefore, we with our support and maintenance service you only pay for the hours you use.

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