We have all been there. It's been a long day so far, and it's only just really begun. You're at work, at your desk, and you have to pull up some web pages to gloss over to prepare your report for the higher-up’s sakes. What is the most thing you do? you certainly don't painstakingly read over every single insignificant little sentence; you don't click on every unique URL your eye catches, and you sure as heck do not waste time and energy analyzing the whole piece.

The odds are that you, like so many other internet users, scroll down to the conveniently placed footer at the bottom of the webpage and crack away at whatever task you were assigned. As per the recent study, more than 66% of web page viewers read down to below the fold of the page, that is, they actively scroll down past the initially loaded chunk of the screen.

Website footers help visitors navigating through the site, and save them from disappointment in the last minute.

What Is Footer?

A footer is a section at the bottom of a page that contains data common to other pages. It offers some extra insight into the page or topic at hand. Several trends, experiments, and theories are just now stumbling across the fact that footers, with their pragmatic yet underrated nature, are far more important in garnering views and positive web page interactions than we had always suspected.

Why Are Footers Important?

Surely the main thing in getting good web page publicity is just the content of the piece itself. Well, that is a highly reductionist postulate. Experts have shown that footers are responsible for a web page's viewership ratings, and over 20% of Internet viewers are more present on the bottom of the page than on the top fold. Furthermore, the presence of quality footers has been reportedly linked to better prospects for a business to get good conversations, whether they be from purchases or simple sign-ups online.

So why are footers suddenly so high-profile? Well, the search engine empire has begun to tailor its processing such that more emphasis has been placed on SEO-compliant footers when it comes to pulling up higher-ranking search results.

Why Do You Need To Optimize Your Footer?

Google ranking checks your keywords, background graphics, anchor text, and other elements and rates your site accordingly within the Search Engine Result Pages.

There are many tools out there like hotjar to identify problem areas with your footer and determine what to improve.

Structure, Content, and Aesthetics are the keys to good footer design. Logo, contact details, navigation, social media icons, support, copyright, terms of service, privacy policy, company info, and call-to-action are some of the most vital information to include in your website footer.

When optimizing your footer for SEO, include only keywords or phrases that will add value to your brand or encourage users to take action. 

If you want to improve your ranking on Google by optimizing the footer of your website, you can try Footer Builder for Magento 2 by Ulmod

Why Footer Builder By Ulmod?

The Footer Builder by Ulmod was developed to helps store owners easily create a footer that meets their business requirements. Stores owners can professionally design the footer of their pages, giving their website the credibility that it belongs to a real business, and ensuring that it remains relevant and highly ranked on search engines.

Footer Builder Key Features

The Footer Builder for Magento 2 by Ulmod, can help you to completely rebuild their existing footer to become as catchy and efficient as need be. You can create any footer type to gives your site the credibility that it belongs to a real business.

The Footer Builder strives to make your web page outshine the competition. You can create an unlimited number of blocks to enrich the footer of your page. Display or hide the newsletter block. Design your footer per section: top, middle, and bottom. Two footer middle row available with up to 4 columns and 12 columns size. One footer bottom, where you insert the copyright, logo image, and additional info.

The extension is highly customizable; you can adjust the rows, columns, and colors ( the background, text, button, links, border colors) right from the backend, to fit your Magento 2 theme. Responsive and works perfectly on mobile devices.

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It is clear and enlightening how the exposure of Google's latest drama is becoming a real threat to hardworking. Genuinely talented web pages like yours and the shortage of the competition will surely swamp out any hope or effort without the aid of professionally designed footer. The footer builder by Ulmod can help you build a footer that will improve your site rank on search engines, and loyalty to your brand.

Feel free to visit the Footer Builder for Magento 2 page, check out the User Guide and try the Demo version.

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