Magento 2 Security & Patching

Magento 2 Security & Patching

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Magento 2 Security & Patching

Get the latest patches, security updates, and best practices for your Magento 2.x sites

What We Do?


Once you launch your site, you need to maintain it and keep it healthy. Missing out on security updates can leave your store open for attacks.

If you have taken the needed steps to install patch updates, maintaining a successful site will be easy. It is an important step for both new and old Magento versions as patch updating keeps your site safe.

Our services include:

Magento 2.x security scan

We scan your sites for security risks, update malware patches, and detect unauthorized access and more vulnerability

Magento 2.x patches installation

We'll professionally install your selected patch at your site



We understand that business is not the same. Therefore, we offer the best possible price for the Magento 2.x security and patching service.



We will go through the following steps :


Requesting a Quote

Fill in form and submit to get a quote.


Information Gathering

After quote request is submitted, within 24 hours, we will contact you for more details of the Magento 2 security and patching request to get a clear understanding of your need.


Get a quote

We'll send you the quote including the estimated time and cost, so you have full control over the expenses for the service.



If you agree to the quote, we will scan your site, and professionally install your selected patch on your staging environment first before production. Taking all the necessary actions to patch your site correctly



We test a successful patch installation on the staging and apply it to your production site


Revisions & Feedback

We'll ask you to check, review and provide your feedback about the patch installation

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