Magento Website Design and Development

Magento Website Design and Development

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Magento Website Design and Development

From simple solutions to advanced projects, our service has everything to take your website to another level and further distance your website from competitors’ sites!

What We Do?


Our creative and certified experts in Magento will take your excellent idea and making it a reality. Your website will be fully optimized for usability, efficiency and durability.

We shape Magento to your needs and extend its capabilities even further. We are not building only a website but a fully optimized website, to establish your buyer’s trust, increase user interaction on your website, boost your sales with an eye-catching magento ecommerce website, collect data about your customers and potential new customers. Our Magento website development package includes :

Selecting hosting and setup of server

If needed we will helps you choose hosting provider and setup magento in your server


From wireframes to prototype, we provide your project with a strong, visually recognisable identity, scalable, intuitive and relevant web experience.

Community & Enterprise development

We develop your websites from scratch according to your preferences on both editions.

Custom functionality

We'll craft a simple and advanced Magento solutions for any of your eCommerce business needs and adjust any extension developed by Ulmod according to your requirements

International online websites

We can develop websites with multiple languages and currencies

3d party extension integration and customization

We will integreate any third-party extension and extend the functionality of any 3d party plugin installed on your Magento website.

Responsive and mobile-friendly development

Our team will build from scratch a responsive design template to meet your business need and inline with your brand/identity or convert your existing template into responsive

Free Consultancy

We'll always be by your side for any assistance you may need before, during or after project implementation.



We are often asked "How much would Magento website design and development cost?" and every time we answer: "It depends". Depends on scope of work, on complexity of work, amount of products in database, security, SEO and performance requirements, integrations with other solutions etc.

We practice individual approach when estimating each project. Hence, a detailed specific quote is provided for each customer upon request. The final quote depends on such factors as the project size, the project complexity and the amount of resources we’ll need to employ for implementation.

Whatever the project is, we always provide the best value for money.



In order for your website to reach desired business goals we need to plan everything properly and think of many aspects of site’s creation, such as start proces, testing etc..

In terms of phases, the project will go through the following steps :


Quote request

Fill in form and submit to get a quote.


Information Gathering

After quote request is submitted, within 24 hours, we will contact you for more details of the website development request in order to study your business plans and goals for getting a clear understanding of the project


Project Approval

We create a proposal to gives you a thorough insight into our approach to the project and set a timeframe for the process.



If you agree to our proposal, we'll then move on to the design process which will start with wireframes and then move on to prototype. We implement the style tiles into the layout while adapting user experience and ensuring design ease-of-use.



Once you approve the design of your project, the site implementation can begin. We code the entire website as per your requirements from scratch. During this process, you will be able to view your site, and suggest any additional changes or corrections you would like to have done.



We test the functionality of your project to ensure the technology, methodologies and development are in line with your requirements


Revisions & Feedback

We will deploy the latest development version of the site for you to review and provide feedback. If you are satisfied we are ready to go live.



We take your website from staging process to real time. We remain connected to provide you any assistance if needed.

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