About Us


We offer innovative extensions for Magento 2 and professional services that are best suitable for the current market trend and, cover all of the most important aspects of running a successful store.

Our Cores Values


We believe in developing long-term partnerships that empower customers all over the world and expand their scope regardless of size or industry to become more successful in the competitive market.


We're innovative in our products and solutions and always keep abreast of the latest technologies to provide next-level development solutions.


We build reliable software and pay special attention to the quality of the products and services we deliver. We commit fully to our customers by making their goals our priority.


We love what we do. We feel that the key to delivering great customer experience is to enjoy and
believe in what we do.

Customers Sanctification

Ulmod is dedicated to its customers. We believe that the most important factor in our success is the success of our customers and provide them with solutions that help their business growth.

Reasons To Choose Us


All of our extensions are developed by a team of Magento professionals, passed Magento code quality check (Magento EQP Coding Standard), comes with composer installation, well documented and are 100% open source. You can edit our extension source code to enhance functionality or meet your requirements. Our products are conveniently categorized, there are extensions for Admin Tools, Navigation & Search, User Experience, SEO Tools, Content Management, Customer,  Sales & Motivation and many more.

Quality Code
All our extensions are developed according to Magento standards and passed the Magento Extension Quality Program checker

Money Back Guarantee

Your money remains safe with us. We provide 30-day money back guarantee for all extensions. Please make sure to check our refund policy
Customers Satisfaction
Customers satisfaction and loyalty are our major priorities. We are committed to a full understanding of your needs and meeting your expectations
Composer Installation
Our extensions come with composer install to easily keep you up to date, the most effective way to install extensions, and recommended by Magento
Our Magento extensions are mobile-friendly, support mobile-specific user interactions and are easy to install, configure, use and customize.
100% Open Source
Our Magento extensions are 100% open source. You can edit or change our extension source code to enhance Magento functionality or meet your needs.
Attractive Discounts
Save more on buying our products and enhance the functionality of your eCommerce store. We offer various discounts for all our extensions
One year Free support
A full year of troubleshooting support and bug fixes for free. The team of dedicated Ulmod developers looks after your needs regarding support issues.
Extensive Documentation
All our extensions are well documented and come with a detailed user guide with examples. The FAQ section is also available.
Constant Improvements
We constantly add new functionality to all our extensions and interested to implement your suggested functionality in our future developments
Free Lifetime Update
Free updates and improvements. Once you buy from us you become part of our Magento family with the benefits of free lifetime extension upgrades.

Outstanding Support

Our support team is fanatic when it comes to making our customers happy. We will not leave you after your purchase, we will support you for a long time.

Our Extensions Catalog


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