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Magento Customization

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Magento Customization

Whether it is an adjustment of the theme or layout, additional functionality, custom form, cart, checkout enhancement and anything you can think of. our team will professionally implement numerous changes at all levels of your Magento store.

What We Do?


When you successfully use a website for the business goals, you always want to make it better. That’s why the business owners often decide to get a unique look for their project.

Whether it is a huge project to customize your existing Magento store or taking your store to the new level of usability, We'll customize your e-store to take your business to the higher level and become unique.

Our Magento customization service includes:

Website/Store Customization

Any change you can think of. We'll apply a unique solution to meet your business need.

Extension and Theme Customization

Either it's Ulmod extension or extensions and theme from any provider, we will customize it to fit your needs.

3d party Software Customization

We will extend the functionality of any 3d party plugin installed on your Magento store.

Magento Responsive Web Design Customization

We provide any change in your existing theme to allows your website to look perfect on different modern devices.



We practice an individual approach when estimating each project. The final quote depends on such factors as the project size, the project complexity and the number of resources we’ll need to employ for the implementation. Whatever the project is, we always provide the best value for money.



In order to reach the desired business need, we plan everything properly and think of many aspects of the project. The customization will go through the following steps :


Request for Quote

Fill in form and submit to get a quote.


Information Gathering

After quote request is submitted, within 24 hours, we will contact you for more details of the Magento customization request in order to study your business goals for getting a clear understanding of your need.


Project Approval

We create a budget for the project and set a timeframe for the process.



If you agree to the budget, we customize your website as per your requirements.



We test all the changes made with great care to ensure the quality and avoid any conflict.


Revisions & Feedback

We'll ask you to check, review and provide your feedback about the changes made.



If you are satisfied we will deploy the changes in your live environment after your approval. We'll again test the changes in your live environment ensuring that the changes cater to your specific business needs.

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