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  1. Magento 2: Mistakes To Avoid During The Holiday Season
    December 04, 2019

    Shoppers usually wait for the deals & discounts offers by online stores on trending products. For online merchants, it is an opportunity to increase revenue.

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  2. Tips To Prepare Your Magento 2 Sites For Holiday Shopping Seasons
    October 15, 2019

    The holidays, without a doubt, are one of the most special times of the year. They are days filled with merriment, celebrations and, not to mention, tons of spending

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  3. Tips To Improve Your Magento 2 User Experience
    October 07, 2019

    As the e-commerce industry grows, business owners need to understand the habits of online consumers as well as understand how to bring them towards their website or attract them in any significant way.

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  4. How to optimize your Magento 2 Thank You page?

    One of the ways to improve the shopping experience on a Magento 2 site and increase sales is to provide an impressive and professionally designed thank you page to shoppers.

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  5. What are the benefits of using AJAX Shopping Cart extension in your Magento 2 Store?
    July 09, 2019

    There are many tools to contribute to the success of an online business. One such tool is AJAX Shopping Cart, and this tool uses Ajax to improve the shopping and user experience on an e-commerce site dramatically

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  6. How To Avoid Duplicate Content In Magento 2?

    One of the things that can harm your website SEO is duplicate content. You may be thinking now it has nothing to do with you because you are not going to make any duplicates of your site content. But the thing is a bit more complicated than it may seem

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  7. Importance of Social Share and Follow Buttons for Magento 2 Sites

    Enabling your visitors and customers to stay connected with you, subscribe to and follow your social media channels. Social Share makes it possible for your users to share/repost items from any page in your store to their social networks.

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  8. The Benefits Of Image Zoom In your Magento 2 store

    On the psychological level, we focus first on images and not descriptions because visual elements draw our attention and have the power to communicate a lot of information without words. The visual presentation of products makes a difference in the online world

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