As the saying goes, it’s ‘better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times. It is that much right in our everyday life in general and in online shopping in particular.

On the psychological level, we focus first on images and not descriptions because visual elements draw our attention and have the power to communicate a lot of information without words. The visual presentation of products makes a difference in the online world, indeed while intelligently presented products make a significant difference regarding conversions and sales.

What can help you and your customers feel this difference? The answer is image or product zoom.

What is Image Zoom?

Image/product zoom is a feature that allows magnifying your product images to showcase all the details. We live in a time where most of the shopping is done on the internet and shoppers cannot touch or examine your product in their hands before purchase. Thus, you need to have something convincing enough to make them buy from you.

That’s where image zoom helps your store visitors to understand your product better. By magnifying an image, they can see even the smallest details of your product and decide whether it’s what they are looking for.

It is also a great way to display your product from different angles. Zooming your product images is a kind of simulation creating a feeling your product is much closer to your potential customer and thus, making shopping very similar to the offline process.

As a result, thanks to zoom, you can boost your conversions and decrease the number of returns at the same time. It works this way because your shoppers can get all the relevant information right from the product page as if they were looking at your product in a physical store.

Image Zoom In Magento 2

Magento 2 comes with very basic image zoom, by default. It provides you with a simple image zoom limited regarding design, options, positions, custom configurations and features like lightboxes, sliders, etc.

Ulmod can offer you to go beyond the default Magento 2 functionality with the Product Zoom Pro for Magento 2 extension which gives you more features and enhances your zooming capabilities greatly.

Why Product Zoom Pro by Ulmod?

First of all, you are free to select among several zoom types depending on what fits best to your store: Window, Inner, and Lens zoom. They are all customizable, and you can decide on various positions, designs, and effects.

Second, you can create a thumbnails carousel adding multiple images to display your product from alternative views. The extension also helps you to present these carousels the way you like them. For example, it is possible to configure thumbnails to appear to the left or right as well as above or under the main image. Apart from that, you can also experiment with different effects to switch between your thumbnails.

One more thing that we added is the possibility to present your product images using Lightboxes. This feature is extremely powerful when it comes to displaying high-resolution images by moving them in front of the page and putting the rest to the background creating a contrast effect. You can also customize your lightboxes in the most suitable way for your store.

Another brand new feature is the option to zoom product images right from the category and catalog search result pages. Your customers don’t need to go to each product page and then go back to the catalog to see larger images. Great, isn’t it?.

On top of that, the extension is fully mobile-optimized and adjusted to look great on any screen. Taking into account that more and more users go mobile in all the aspect of their digital life, responsive design is crucial for your customer satisfaction as well as your store position in search results.

Product Zoom Pro Key Features

Here are the key features of the Product Zoom Pro for Magento 2:

  • Window, inner, and lens zoom options offering different positions, effects, and lens shapes with expanded view supported;
  • Window and inner zoom available right on the category and catalog search result pages;
  • Adding thumbnails carousel with various position options as well as the ability to scroll, paginate and switch between thumbnails images by hovering over or clicking on them;
  • Displaying large images in Lightbox windows with expanding, image title, thumbnail helper, the effect of appearance, play, pause gallery, and others;
  • Clear and easy admin panel backend giving the possibility to configure all the relevant parameters (positions, effects, width, height, and more) of zoom windows, thumbnails carousel, lightboxes as well as category and catalog search pages;
  • Responsive mobile design across all the platforms and screen sizes;
  • Support multiple websites, stores, and store views.

product zoom

Also, feel free to read through our User Guide and check the Demo version available right on our Product Zoom Pro for Magento 2 page to get a better understanding of how this extension works and can help to enhance the functionality of your store.

Images are powerful. Images presented in the right way may become even more powerful and crucial for your business development, increasing conversions and boosting your customer satisfaction. Professional image zooming is what can be of great help in achieving these goals.

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