One of the efficient ways to improve the shopping experience on an e-commerce site and increase sales is to provide an impressive and professionally designed thank you page to shoppers.

What is a "Success Page"?

A "Success Page" or "Thank You" page is a page in the website that is displayed to the users for thanking them for the transaction that they just did after they have just done something such as finishing a purchase, transaction, or even filling a form.

This page is designed to improve the shopping experience and also provide a good impression of the company to the customer, so they feel acknowledged and thanked for having been a part of the company in the capacity of a customer. This page is also designed to make it more likely that customer visits the website in the future or continues shopping in that same instance as well.

Magento 2 by default comes with a quite simple thank you page, which requires time and effort to customize or adjust. If you want to save time on customizing the thank you page of your Magento 2 site and provide the best possible thank you page to your shoppers, you can try the Checkout Success Page by Ulmod

Why “Checkout Success Page” by Ulmod?

The Checkout Success Page extension by Ulmod was designed to help store owners improve the shopping experience of their customers and grow revenue. The extension offers multiple features which make it a useful tool. It’s easy to install, configure, and use and offers a bunch of benefits to both store owners and shoppers.

Stores owners, can add a coupon code on thank you page encouraging customers to purchase more. Add promotional material such as promo banners or custom content to inform shoppers of the running promotions. Suggest a list of products shoppers might be interested in purchasing. Allows shoppers to sign up for a monthly or timely newsletter to get better updates. Offer a sharing tool (Eg. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) right at the thank you page to increase traffic. Add a help section at the thank you page, including the email and any additional info through which shoppers can have any queries answered or contact the store owner for immediate assistance. Allow guess or not-registered customers to create an account right at the thank you page.

Shoppers can view their orders directly on the success page, including all order data ( shipping address, billing address, payment method, shipping method, and full order summary). Get a coupon code on the thank you page for their next purchase. Get notice of current promos. View a list of products that they may be interested in, so they can purchase more. Subscribe to the newsletter, share their purchase on social networks, call or drop an email via the details provided by the store’s owners.

Here are the key features of the Checkout Success Page for Magento 2 :

  • Allows displaying order information and discount codes on the success page
  • Supports the related, upsell and cross-sell products
  • Ability to use CMS blocks and displaying custom content. Support social sharing buttons
  • Ability to display all useful info for immediate assistance such as tel number, email, etc.
  • Ability to displays a button to register for an account, and mobile-friendly
  • Ability to preview the thank you page right from the admin side, and support multiple stores
  • Supports several customization options. Easy to install, configure and use

Success page


The Checkout Success Page by Ulmod is one of the best tools out there for ensuring things like customer loyalty, better site traffic, and more. You can use this tool to optimize significantly your thank you page and boost your sales.

Need more information? Feel free to visit our Checkout Success Page for Magento 2 page, check out our User Guide, and try the Demo version.

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