The holiday season is again here and ready to knock on the doors. Every year holidays bring new sales to the e-commerce store, and that becomes one of the attractions for customers. Shoppers usually wait for the deals & discounts offers by online stores on trending products. For online merchants, it is an opportunity to increase revenue.

According to the last figure, during the holiday sales season, overall revenue jumps more than 70%. If you are planning this year to be part of this huge jump, then you need to prepare yourself, be available, and ready to face all possible challenges that can strike this holiday season.

What Are The Mistakes To Avoid During Holiday Season?

Here are some common mistakes you have to avoid during the holiday season:

#1: Inventory Shortfall

If you are planning to earn and get the benefits from the holiday sale season, then it is necessary to put the stock level up. When you are open to the sale, then you have to manage the stock available for the customers. It is essential to do the planning before the launch; this avoids the hurry and hassle,

#2: Neglect Marketing & Advertisement

Marketing and advertisement is the necessary step that an e-commerce merchant has to do. Neglecting this portion will not give you maximum benefits. Online sales of the products or services need to advertise the promotion and offers adequately. Without an announcement, it is hard to make people know about the offering you have on the respective product list.

You can make a seasonal promotional strategy for the business that can directly send emails to the potential customers, announce through that online advertisements and drag the traffic on the page, and many more.

#3: Unmanaged Shipment Schedule

For the excellent customer experience and to raise the revenue, it is vital to manage the shipment and delivery dates of the packages. Usually, it happens with poor schedule management; an e-commerce site fails to deliver the product at the right time. It can influence the overall customer experience and feedback or affect the traffic. If the sales are for Christmas or a winter holiday, then it should be delivered in the respective time frame.

#4: Inappropriate Discounts And Offers

Offering unrealistic offers and discounts is another mistake that usually e-commerce stores did, especially during the holiday season. As up to 80% off, etc., it is just a manipulating strategy to try to increase the sales volume. But in reality, it can impact severely on overall customer ship and revenues. Always offers realistic and appropriate offers that look genuine and make your deal entirely suitable for the buyer. As well as when it comes to price-cutting on the holiday sale season, do not go too aggressive. It can impact the profit ratio and probably cost you.

#5: Too Many Steps In The Checkout

Too many steps in your checkout process can lead to an abandonment cart. Use a one-step checkout to simplifies the order placement, and keep your checkout process much easier for shoppers. Remove any registration form, pop-ups, and banners that are not related to the holiday promo.

Add order comment box at your checkout to improve the shopping experience; it allows shoppers to leave a note, message, delivery instruction related to the order.

#6: Ignore Website Performance

In the holiday season, due to the high traffic and visitors’ ratio, website performance can impact. So, before doing it into that, you have to make sure to improve overall site performance and avoid server breakdown due to load. Because it can influence the website traffic, conversion rate, and increase the bounce rate as well.

Make your store be preparing before announcing the sale, and it includes more accurate optimization, adds multiple payment methods, and upgrade your hosting services.

Test your website page loading speed using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, Pingdom, StresStimulus, DareBoost, Lighthouse, or Chrome DevTools

Final Consideration!

Holiday season sale is a big opportunity that can raise the overall revenue. But this only happens with proper management, planning, and influential strategy. Just relax, order the inventory before, upgrade the website, announce the right discount offers, and add multiple payment methods. With proper optimization and management, you can improve overall results.

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