In this day and age, efficiency and dynamism move the world. Everything you need and see in real life and online must be as time-saving and easy on the eyes as possible because there’s no use being bogged down by messy, untidy user interfaces and formats.

E-commerce business owners, generally looking for options to improve the functionality of their online store to be able to reach out to many customers, satisfying their needs and preferences. There are several tools to contribute to the success of an online business. One such tool is AJAX Shopping Cart, and this tool uses Ajax to improve shopping and user experience on an e-commerce site dramatically.

What Is AJAX?

AJAX (Ajax, or Asynchronous JavaScript) is a client-side script that communicates to and from a server/database without page reloads. Ajax adds to the cart process to enhance the shopping experience, making it quick and easy. When shoppers click the add to cart button on any page of the store, the product is added to the cart without reloading the page itself. And, without redirecting customers to the product page as required options can be selected right at the AJAX Popup.

Ajax add-to-cart functionality is the best possible tool for improving user experience and usability; it’s the perfect tool to facilitate your online shopping experience. If you're looking to implement the "Ajax add to cart" functionality to your Magento 2 store, you can try Magento 2 AJAX Shopping Cart Extension by Ulmod

Why Magento 2 AJAX Shopping Cart Extension by Ulmod?

Magento 2 AJAX Shopping Cart Extension by Ulmod, strives to do more for customers than just improve the purchase process.

Shoppers can quickly add the product to the cart using Ajax pop-up on home, cms, category, catalog search, product pages, as well as any other page of your store. Select product options right from the add-to-cart window, so no need to go to the product page to select the required options before adding the product to the cart.

Customers can easily update product quantity right in the AJAX popup, add more products from the related, and cross-sell products promoted right at the popup.

Magento 2 AJAX Shopping Cart Extension by Ulmod is mobile-friendly and comes with a flexible display, allowing store administrators to choose to show or hide countdown timer, related or cross-sell products, product image, cart qty, cart subtotal, quantity box, and go-to checkout button in the pop-up. Also, store administrators can choose to redirect customers to the same page, category, or custom page after adding the product to the cart is done;

Magento 2 AJAX Shopping Cart - Key Features

Here are the key features of Magento 2 AJAX Shopping Cart Extension by Ulmod :

  • Ajax cart pop-up on category, product, CMS pages, and any other pages
  • No page reloads, during the add-to-cart process
  • Support product options
  • Support all product types(simple, downloadable, virtual, bundle, grouped, and configurable)
  • Support related and cross-sell
  • Flying effect, when shoppers AJAX add an item to the cart
  • Ability to update products quantity, right at the AJAX popup
  • Mobile friendly, work perfectly on any devices screen and type;
  • Easy to install, configure and use
  • Multiple customizations options are available
  • Support multiple websites, stores, and store view supported

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Magento 2 AJAX Shopping Cart Extension by Ulmod is the perfect tool to use in your e-commerce site when it comes to improving user experience and usability.

Need more information? Feel free to visit our Magento 2 AJAX Shopping Cart Extension page, check out our comprehensive User Guide, and try the demo version.

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