Magento 2 by default supports multiple types of products within the catalog, to help you choose the best products for your online stores. These product types are Simple, Configurable, Grouped, Virtual, Bundle, and Downloadable products.

In this article, we’ll introduce the product types supported by default in Magento 2 with examples.

Simple Product

Magento 2 simple product is the most basic type of product in Magento 2. It's a physical product with a single SKU which can be used in association with grouped, bundle, and configurable products.

A simple product is a standalone product that has a variety of pricing and custom options allowing to sell variations of the product. Also, this product type can be sold as part of a configurable, grouped, or bundle product.

Example: The "Crown Summit Backpack" which is sold in a fixed size, weight, color, etc.

Magento 2 Simple product

Configurable Product

Magento 2 configurable product type is a single product with lists of options for each variation. Each option is a separate simple product with a unique SKU, which makes it possible to track inventory for each variation.

Magento 2 simple product with customs options is an alternative way of using configurable products, but this way does not offer the ability to track inventory for each product variation.

Magento 2 configurable product type is a good choice for products with multiple options. Example: The "Gobi HeatTec® Tee" with variations like color and size.

Magento 2 Configurable product

Grouped Product

Magento 2 grouped product type is a collection of simple standalone products. This product type offers the ability to create variations of a product and list them all on the same page. Also, it can urge shoppers to purchase additional items.

Grouped products can be purchased separately or as a group. In the shopping cart, each product in the group and the quantity purchased appears as a separate line item.

Example: The "Set of Sprite Yoga Straps" with a variation. Shoppers can purchase "2x Sprite Yoga Strap 6 foot", "3x Sprite Yoga Strap 8 foot", and "4x Sprite Yoga Strap 10 foot". The price varies based on the price and quantity per item.

Magento 2 Grouped product

Virtual Product

Magento 2 Virtual Product type is a product that has no weight and that you can not download, ship, or deliver. You can associate virtual products with grouped and bundle products and sold them individually or as part of the grouped and bundle product types.

Virtual products can be used for intangible products such as membership, services, warranties, subscriptions, digital downloads of books, music, videos, etc. Example: a "Luma Fitness Membership"

Magento 2 virtual product

Bundle Product

Magento 2 bundle product type is a collection of items that consists of simple and virtual product types. Each item in the bundle is a standalone product with customs options.

A bundle product allows shoppers to “build their own” from a list of options. Shoppers can choose only one option per item, specify the qty per option and "Add to Cart".

Example: The "Sprite Yoga Companion Kit" that consists of 3 items:

Magento 2 Bundle product view

The bundle items/options appear when shoppers click either on the "Customize and Add to Cart" button. And, shoppers can customize options in bundle products before adding them to the shopping cart.

Magento 2 Bundle product view

Downloadable Product

Magento 2 downloadable product is a type of product that can be downloaded. It can be anything that you can deliver as a file, such as an eBook, music, video, software, graphics, documents, courses, etc.

In Magento 2, shoppers can download the product only after the purchase. When creating Magento 2 downloadable products, you can provide free samples that shoppers can try before purchasing the product.

Example: The "LifeLong Fitness IV" video download.

Magento 2 Downloadable product

Also, this collection of FREE Magento 2 extensions is a great example of downloadable products that you can download and use.

Downloadable product


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