Magento 2 by default supports multiple product types within the catalog, such as simple, configurable, grouped, virtual, bundle, and downloadable.

What Is Bundle Product?

Bundle product is a group of items that consist of simple and virtual product types. Each item in the bundle is a standalone product. A Bundle product is also known as a 'kit' in other eCommerce platforms

Bundle front view

How To Create Bundle Product Or Kit Product In Magento 2?

You can use bundle product type in Magento 2 to create a "kit" eg. start kit.

Unfortunately, Magento 2 bundle product type does not give store owners the ability to create combo offers/discounts or build a kit that includes other product types such has: configurable, downloadable products.

How To Create Combo Offers In Magento 2?

Combo offers allow shoppers to buy items or groups of items at a specific discounted price. Combo offers are one of the most alluring modes of offering benefits to your shoppers. It gives more visibility to shoppers, moves deadstock, boosts sales, increases customer loyalty.

If you want to create kits/packages that support other product types (eg. configurable, downloadable), and offer combo discounts to shoppers, you can try the Bundle Kit - Product Kits - Combo Discounts Extension by Ulmod

Why “Bundle Kit - Product Kits - Combo Discounts” by Ulmod?

“Bundle Kit - Product Kits - Combo Discounts” by Ulmod overcome the default Magento 2 limitation with a bunch of great features. It allows you to create any number of product kits/packages for combo discounts, list them at an SEO-optimized landing page, or at any other pages and position of the store.

The extension supports percentage and fixed discounts types with flexible discounts settings per product. The ability to restrict product kits/packages per customer group, store views, and scheduled dates.

Also, the extension comes with a detailed statistics grid in the backend, where you can monitor the number of clicks, views, and sales of each product kit/package.

Bundle kit

Need more information? Feel free to visit the Bundle Kit - Product Kits - Combo Discounts for Magento 2 page, check out the User Guide, and try the Demo version.

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