magento 2 tips

  1. The Benefits Of Image Zoom In your Magento 2 store

    On the psychological level, we focus first on images and not descriptions because visual elements draw our attention and have the power to communicate a lot of information without words. The visual presentation of products makes a difference in the online world

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  2. Benefits of using Product Attachments in your Magento 2 Store

    Depending on your business and product you may need to provide your customers with various kinds of information such as manuals or guides, videos, licenses, warranties, certificates, etc. The more information about your product you give to your customers, the higher the chances they will buy it.

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  3. Improve your Magento 2 Store User Experience Using Mega Menu

    Have you ever thought of how people usually interact with on-line stores? Why are some stores more popular than others while offering practically the same products?. You should consider providing to your customers an easy navigation options which will most definitely improve the user experience and save visitors and customers time

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  4. Why Should You Use Multiple XML Sitemaps in Magento 2
    February 20, 2018

    When it comes to improving your Magento 2 website ranking in search results, every detail matters. One of such details is an XML Sitemap. Multiple Sitemaps provide you with better management and structure organization options. The better your content is categorized, and less messy your links are organized, the smoother and easier crawling is

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