We are happy to present you our new extension for Magento 2 – Smooth Scroll.

What is Smooth Scroll?

The smooth scrolling is the effect of linking to specific points on a page in short time, allowing users to see what content is being skipped over, giving a clear sense of the current location. The effect is pleasing and ensures that users don't lose their bearings.

The smooth scroll extension dramatically improves the user experience of your site, allowing visitors and customers to quickly navigate through the content of your page and save time on purchases.

Smooth Scroll Key Features

  • Automatically smooth scroll to a specific section of your page;
  • Sticky header where anchor links are displayed on vertical page scroll;
  • "Return" link allowing visitors to quickly scroll up any page from the bottom with a simple click;
  • Display smooth scroll on any page of your site such as home, category, product, CMS, blog, faqs, documents pages, etc.;
  • Easy configuration in the admin panel. Bunch of options to control each functionality;
  • Fully responsive to mobile devices, work on any devices screens size;
  • Support multiple websites, stores, and store views.

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