Have you ever thought of how people usually interact with websites? Why are some stores more popular than others while offering practically the same products?.

Have you ever paid attention to your actions? What do you usually do after landing on a website page and realizing you are not seeing what you are looking for right away?.

Most people would just leave and go somewhere else. Why? Nowadays, people do value their time, and the majority of them do not wish to spend 20 minutes or so on trying to figure out where something is located on the website.

What is the solution?

The answer is clear; you can offer to your customers an easy navigation options which will most definitely improve the user experience and save visitors and customers time. Magento 2 by default come with the top Navigation.

Top navigation or the main website menu presents the variety of your product categories to your customers. It’s like a map showing where different departments of your store can be found.

What about showing and selling more to your shoppers? That’s where Mega Menus come in handy.

Mega Menu

A Mega Menu is a kind of multi-level drop down appearing when you hover or click on some of your product categories. It usually pops up as a large panel showing your customers everything they may need right away.

Why is it essential to have a Mega Menu for your e-commerce store?

Here is why:

  • It improves the usability of your store and user experience in general through better structured and more comfortable browsing options.
  • Mega Menus guide shoppers most efficiently and intuitively presenting all the necessary information right away. Additionally, customers do not need to scroll pages continuously up and down anymore and try to recall what they saw a minute ago. Everything is in front of their eyes!.
  • Another thing is that it helps to make the necessary products stand out thanks to the possibility to use images and product labels. Imagine you have a promotion running and you can make your products more visible to your shoppers. The text is excellent, but why don’t you make it visual?

Consequently, all these benefits of Mega Menus can help you increase conversions, make your store more popular and turn your shoppers into returning customers.

Menu Navigation in Magento 2

The default Magento 2 version does not offer Mega Menus, unfortunately. Magento 2 by default come with the top navigation or main menu navigation, which is done through regular drop-down menus that are pretty limited regarding features supported.

Here're what you can get with the default Magento 2 :

  • The created categories predefine your store top navigation, and it comes only with the default category listing menu type.
  • Only categories links can be added in the default version.
  • You can use only plain text in the top navigation, and there is no way to add images or labels. Also, you are limited regarding typography and fonts variety.

magento top navigation

Well, sounds like not that much, right? No worries! We have already got that covered with the Mega Menu for Magento 2 extension by Ulmod

It gives your Magento 2 store all the benefits of Mega Menus helping to bring your customer experience to the next level. With this extension, your main menu becomes fully customizable and feature-rich.

The Mega Menu for Magento 2 enables you to create multiple horizontal and vertical menus or combine both within one page and edit all navigation elements. Apart from the default category listing, we offer another eight submenu types to let you choose what fits best for your store and customers.

Another important thing is that the extension is fully optimized and mobile responsive. You know how crucial it is in our modern world where more and more people use mobile devices for searching, browsing and buying on the go. And yes, you can use visuals, add images and labels to highlight the items you want to promote and draw the attention of even more people.

On top of that, you get access to a clean and intuitive admin management panel which enables you to set up everything in one place. Additionally, to help you get the most out of the extension, we offer a demo version and a complete user guide on the product page.

We do not want to limit you and your creativity. Our goal is to give you the possibility to experiment and adjust to the new trends, and your shopper needs anytime.

Mega Menu Key Features

Here are the key features of the Mega Menu for Magento 2 extension :

  • Unlimited horizontal (top) and vertical (left) menus with fade, slide or toggle effects;
  • The possibility to modify all elements of your navigation menu: header, main, featured and footer content;
  • Multiple submenu types, namely: anchor text, default category listing, static category listing, dynamic category listing, product listing, product grid, dynamic products listing by category, static products listing by category and content;
  • Setting product labels for promoted items;
  • User-friendly and intuitive admin panel allowing to manage both all menus and submenus;
  • Responsive design across all the platforms. Work perfectly on any devices screens size;
  • Support multiple websites, stores, and store views.

mega menu navigation

The Mega Menu for Magento 2 by Ulmod is a great helper when it comes to organizing your products. Providing you with better options for ensuring unparalleled customer experience, making your products stand out and drive more sales to your Magento 2 store.

If you need more information about all the features of the Mega Menu extension, please visit the Mega Menu Product Page and walk through its User Guide.

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