Doing data transfer on e-commerce sites is needed. Orders imports and export is vital and useful for online stores as they allow store owners to transfer data among stores and get the data back up.

Do Magento 2 By Default Offer Order Export & Import Functionalities?

1. Order Exports

By default, Magento 2 comes with a limited order export functionality, allowing to export order data to either .csv or .xml formats from the Sales Orders Grid.

To export orders in Magento 2 by default:

  • Login to the admin panel;
  • From the Admin sidebar, go to Sales > Orders
  • Select orders you want to export from the grid
  • Expand the ‘Export’ menu and choose the file format.
  • Hit the ‘Export’ button to complete.

2. Order Imports

Unfortunately, Magento 2 does not have the 'Order Import' functionality by default. You can try the Order Export And Import Solution by Ulmod to take care of your orders import.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Ulmod Order Export/Import Solution?

The Order Export/Import by Ulmod has a more improved order export functionality and a great order import functionality, which makes it easy to import orders from your old to your new Magento 2 stores or quickly export orders from your existing Magento 2 stores. Also, you can transfer orders between Magento installations.

The extension can quickly export and import orders using either the admin panel or from the command line. It adds a reliable export/import interface to the Magento backend as well as incorporates a flexible output creation technique. 

You can easily export and import guest and customer orders, including all orders, products, and customer-related data. Also, the extension logs all imports and exports in the admin panel, including all details, allowing you to identify successfully and failed imports/exports.

Ulmod Order Import/Export Orders Features

  • Export and import an unlimited number of orders in a CSV file;
  • Export and import orders including all data, such as order & account information, address information, payment, and shipping method, items ordered data, order totals, order status, order comment and more;
  • Supports all product types, such as simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, downloadable and virtual;
  • Supports custom order number and custom order status;
  • Export orders for a specified date;
  • Ability to re-import back into Magento system the exported data without any additional modification;
  • Import orders with any shipping and payment method;
  • Create invoices, shipments, and credit memos during the import;
  • Manage all import and export history from the backend. Both order exports and imports performed from backend and command line (CLI) are available in the history;
  • Clear import and export history manually or automatically after a specified time;
  • Import and export orders from the command line(CLI), import single and bulk CSV files;
  • Schedule order exports and imports via a cron job;
  • Schedule order exports/imports history clearing via cron job;
  • Support multiple currencies, websites, stores, and stores view.

How To Export & Import Orders Using Ulmod Solution?

Please, check the complete step by step guide to easily import/export orders using Ulmod solution

Final Words

Ulmod Order Export & Import For Magento 2 is a powerful tool that simplified the way you move orders to your store. You can easily export orders of a specified date or perform a migration between two Magento 2 stores.

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