Are you one of those business owners who seek their fortune, without having to make the painful mistakes countless others have made in the risky game that it is commerce?

E-commerce portals today has become a very competitive market, and offering Daily Deal at your site can make your business stays at the front foot. Daily Deals make the products more attractive to customers and increase sales revenue.

With a reliable daily deal campaign, you'll be all set for success! Just beware of short-term surges in business, while enjoying the benefits. These include being able to keep open spots in your operation, avoidance of obsoletion in goods and quick, attractive offerings to prospective consumers.

What Are Daily Deals?

The concept of Daily Deals isn't new and certainly isn't rocket science. Many sellers, ranging from small-scale businesses to large conglomerates, routinely employ the tactic to both clear out excess caches of specific goods and to attract more customers.

A merchant will announce that for a single day, a particular item or set of items will be significantly discounted, but only for that day alone. This technique has the added benefit of nearly guaranteeing an increase in sales even if the advertised product is sold out because customers won't stay and explore enough to purchase something else, they never initially intended.

Why Are Daily Deals Attractive?

Daily deals offer a rare but highly tempting prospect to merchants of all kinds because they allow the formation of a metaphorical window into the seller's inventory for customers to access and spread the word about. Being able to experience firsthand the pleasure of a good discount, they are hence a decent Daily Deal scheme serves to not only build up a loyal customer base but also to foster trust between merchants and their consumers. This is undoubtedly the best way to promote a good, lean inventory of products that are worth keeping around: any less popular products can be lucratively removed in one fell swoop.

If you are looking to run a and effective daily deals program at your site and increase sales, you can try the Daily Deal for Magento 2 by Ulmod

Why Daily Deals by Ulmod?

Magento 2 Daily Deal by Ulmod comes with a bunch of features to help you a build a reliable and easy to manage daily deals campaign. You can instantly and regularly create as many deals as you expect and display them at any page of your site. Smartly apply discounts on each deal. Display the countdown timer on each deal to stimulates shoppers that they can miss a good deal. List all your deal in a dedicated page optimized for SEO.

Daily Deals Key Features

  • Allows you to generate multiple deals at once, to garner customer attention;
  • Handy countdown timer, to rush consumers to make purchases on the discount;
  • Ability to list all your deals in a dedicated page, optimized for SEO;
  • Display deals at any page and positions of your site (e.g. home, category, product, CMS pages or any other pages). Show deals in the sidebar of any page;
  • Ability to show the Deal Deal link at the top-link and footer-links for and easy access;
  • Mobile friendly, support any devices types;
  • Ability to manage all deals from admin panel, and to export all deals into CSV or Excel XML formats;
  • Support multiple websites, stores, and store views;
  • Come with a complete guide to adjust the deals colors;
  • A complete guide to adjusting the color of the deal content, countdown timer, and discount.

Daily deals

Final Word

The world of e-commerce today is not one that can be traversed easily alone. It can be full of intense competition, fickle customers, and stagnant sales decisions. However, with the Daily Deals tool by Ulmod, you can successfully implement lightning-fast, effective daily deals and discounts to effectively boost net revenue and widen the customer loyalty base, all while promoting your brand and business face.

Feel free to visit the Daily Deals page, check out the Daily Deals User Guide and try the Live Demo.

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