While many applications are amazing and make our lives far more straightforward, it is essential to remember that so many usernames and passwords cannot all be committed to memory, leading to the phenomenon of ‘password fatigue.’ Therefore, an excellent way to ensure that authentication is done well without remembering so many passwords is the social login method.

For many eCommerce companies, users wish to have a social login option, so they quickly and easily login to the website. Social logins enable users to login without needing to remember so many passwords.

What is Social Login?

Social logins also sometimes called social sign-ins are a method for making the process of registration far easier for online users. If a website provides the ability for social login, it means that visitors can use their social media accounts, and this completely removes the need for any manual registration.

It works firstly when the customer visits the site, and they will be asked to create an account. Without social login, each website would need its login. It requires a lot of tedious data entry; however, now social media accounts mainly Facebook, Google plus, etc. can be used for the experience. Many options to choose from, and a single button click can finish the signup process.

Why do you need Social Login?

A lot of studies have stated that the account registration forms on a website are not efficient, as a lot of users purposely give false information, and can forget their account details or simple not fill the form at all. Adding the need to register manually can sometimes alienate customers and send them to other sites where there is no such registration requirement.

In 2011, a study stated that around 77 percent of individuals wanted social login options for registering as opposed to more traditional methods.

If you want to simplify the registration and login process of your Magento 2 site, you can try the Store Login tool by Ulmod.

Why Social Login by Ulmod?

Ulmod provides an efficient tool for integrating social login into your website. It's based on seamless transitions, which would reduce any hassle for the customer and make it far more comfortable for the website to serve them.

The first factor is speed, and this Social Login tool provides nearly instant access to a particular site. Every time users need to log in again; they will need to press the same button.

The customer data that the company gets from a regular registration form can be inaccurate since many customers give incorrect data. Therefore, when connecting directly to social media for their account, it is far more likely.

Social Login Key Features

The extension allows displaying social login and register buttons at the customer account login & create, shopping cart and checkout pages. Above, below registration and login form. Its Fully responsive, support Invisible reCAPTCHA, and six social networks ( Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Amazon, Instagram).

Customers can sign in and create an account via popup. All linked social profiles appear under customer account on the frontend. And, the customer can unlink any social profile at any time. Also, the linked accounts column appear at the customer's grid on the admin panel.

Store admins can choose to redirect customer after a successful login and registration to the current page or any other page. The extension logs the number of connections and ordered items to a clean report on the backend, allowing store admins to easily identify the social network customers are interested in the most. It can also be used for marketing activity.

Social login

Final Word

In essence, the option of social login is one that no eCommerce website will survive without today. The Store Login for Magento 2 by Ulmod is a necessary tool that streamlines the account creation and login process and greatly optimizes the customers' experience.

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