If you’ve been in business as a retailer, manager, accountant, or even a door-to-door salesperson, you must know that keeping the order of your stock is vital. There’s absolutely no point in having a lot of variety in your inventory if you can’t keep track of it.

A common rookie mistake is to buy rare, valuable commodities until your stores are packed to the roof. But, the experienced retailer knows that management is quintessential to turning a profit over; the only difference between a regular hardware shop and your uncle’s old tool shed, in the end, is just management.

What is Store Locator

If you understand the importance of keeping track of things, the next logical conclusion is to be efficient and quick. Most companies have mountains of paperwork and piles of tasks to do, every day.

What sets the actual go-getters apart from the rest is the ability to climb that metaphorical mountain before the day’s end? what is a better way to increase efficiency than to rely on electronics for your needs? a store locator helps to increase productivity, documenting your inventory and locations of your branches. It reduces the time wasted by customers looking for items they require.

Store Locator tool is one of the most efficient, cutting-edge management tools available on the market — the peak of excellence in resource management, categorization, record-keeping, and accessibility. Store Locator tool is the right choice to make if you’re aiming for the big leagues, and efficiency is your goal.

Why Your Magento 2 Online Store Needs a Store Locator?

If you’re still unsure about what to make of all this, let’s back it up and look at the facts. Around 70 percent of smartphone users will use applications to locate the best match for them in terms of distance before even heading out to buy what they need. A universal, search engine like Google Maps might be able to tell them the nearest store, but certainly not what items are in stock at each store.

Imagine if your customers had to buy, say, a new phone, and according to Google, the nearest retailer is about 20 minutes away, sounds simple, right? But wouldn’t it be frustrating if the store where customers went to get it, had just sold out the phone? Or if the store was closed due to an emergency?

According to some research, customers are more willing to give up on their search at the second attempt. After all, you just wasted 40 minutes of their time and time is money!

Magento 2 by default does not support store locator or the ability to list all your physical stores on a map. If you want to easily avoid this whole puzzle, you can try out Magento 2 Store Locator Extension by Ulmod for your online Store. The Store Locator extension is guaranteed to put your consumers on the right track. In the scenario mentioned above, it would have been able to immediately tell your customers what stores currently have their desired phone in stock,  which stores are facing management issues, and which would be their best choice.

Key Features

Store Locator Key Features
  • add unlimited store locations. Support search for closest stores by address, state, country, zip code, and more;
  • show all physical stores on a single map. Filter stores according to product availability;
  • optimized for SEO (meta title, meta description, and URL Key);
  • upload a store image and custom marker. Collapse and expand the opening and closing hours;
  • locations display restrictions per store view;
  • ability to import locations via a CSV format comes with sample CSV import file
  • mobile-friendly;
  • easy to configure and manage, support multiple websites, stores, and store view;
  • and more.



The Store Locator Extension for Magento 2 by Ulmod is a must-have if you have some brick-and-mortar stores connected to your business. The extension will significantly improve the user experience of your store, set new standards of excellence in resource management, and make your buyers more loyal.

Feel free to visit the Store Locator for Magento 2 page, check out the User Manual and live demos.