Customers' and visitors' time is highly valuable. Every second they spend on your online store is your moment to offer them a better user experience and save their time.

In the default Magento 2, if buyers want to view different products from the product page, they must come back to the category page or catalog search result page to find products and keep doing this again and again.

How To Overcome This?

The Magento 2 Previous Next Product Navigation Extension was developed by Ulmod to improve this. The extension can greatly enhance the usability of your store by adding previous, next products, and back-to-category buttons to your product pages, allowing buyers to seamlessly navigate between products without going back to the category or catalog search result pages.

How Does It work?

The Previous Next Product Navigation for Magento 2 adds previous, next, and return to the category buttons, at the top of your product page, just after the breadcrumbs, allowing buyers to navigate between product pages. Buyers can return the category the product belongs to anytime. You can choose from up to 3 layout types available to display the previous, next, and back buttons in a different position of the page.

Key Features

  • Ability to navigate between the previous, next products with a single click.
  • Support three layouts to display the previous, next, and back buttons in different positions.
  • Ability to display previous, next, and back buttons with "Text", "Image", or "Arrow"
  • Ability to back to the category of the current product
  • Support products sorting by position, product id, price, product name
  • Support product ordering by ascending or descending.
  • Mobile-friendly and multi-stores supported

Final Words

Magento 2 Previous Next Product Navigation Extension offers a better user experience, saves buyers time on browsing the catalog, increases engagement, and boosts sales.

Feel free to check out the extension user guide and try out the demo.

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