We are excited to present you our Order Comments Pro for Magento 2, full of great features.

Order Comments Pro Key Features

  • Allow shoppers add order comments during the checkout process
  • Show all order comments histories admin panel and under customer account (My Account) in the storefront
  • Disaplay order comment on order grid and order details in backend
  • Ability to add order commnet orders confirmation emails
  • Allow shoppers to add additionals order comments under their frontend account
  • Allow admins to add additionals order comments to each order from the admin panel and reply to any customers comments.
  • Ability to edit and delete order comment from the backend
  • Automatically notify shoppers via email on each commnent added from the backend, and show or hide each note at the storefront
  • Automatically notify admin via email when shoppers add new comment on order


Feel free to read through the Order Comments Pro product page for more details.

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