We are excited to present you our Footer Builder for Magento 2, full of great features.

Footer Builder Key Features

  • Create a custom footer that gives your Magento 2 website the credibility that it belongs to a real business;
  • Newsletter subscription form;
  • Footer top row, with the ability to insert any static block id;
  • Two footer middle row available with 4 columns, 12 columns size, and the ability to insert a static block;
  • One footer bottom row available with the ability to show copyright, logo image and insert 2 static blocks;
  • Display ribbon on footer middle;
  • Display static blocks on each footer row;
  • Support custom theme works great on any custom theme;
  • Fully responsive, optimized for a great mobile experience;
  • Multiple customization options are available in the admin panel to style the footer as the business needs;

footer builder

Feel free to read through the product page for more details and try out the demo version.

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