Magento 2 Export Import CMS Pages Extension

|Extension version: 2.0.8

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Export and import CMS pages including all data (eg.title, identifier, metadata, content, page layout, and so on.). The easiest way to transfer CMS pages between Magento sites/installations.

  • Export and import any number of CMS Pages in a CSV file;
  • Export and import CMS Pages including all information, such as status, content heading, content, meta description, meta keywords, meta title and more;
  • Optionally select CMS Pages data to excludes during the export;
  • Support three CMS Pages import behavior: Add/Update, Replace and Delete;
  • Support multi-stores, export and import CMS Pages per websites, stores, and store view;
  • Sample import CMS Pages file available to download, right in the import settings;
  • Manage all CMS pages export history(log) from the admin panel. Clear export history manually or automatically.
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Compatible with: Open Source 2.0.x - 2.4.x Enterprise/Cloud 2.0.x - 2.4.x

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Problems & Solutions



Magento 2 by default does not offer the ability to export and import CMS pages.

As a result, it takes more store admins time on creating CMS pages at their stores. Example1: if stores admins have 100 CMS to create, they will have to add them one per one.

Example2: if stores admins have 200 CMS to update at their stores, they will have to update them one per one.


Magento 2 Export-Import CMS Pages Extension solution, extends the default limitation by adding functionality to export and import CMS pages. It allows store admins to import and export an unlimited number of CMS pages in a single click. Stores admins can create or update their CMS pages in bulk and with a single.

As a result, it simplifies store admins' work and saves them a huge amount of time on such actions/operations.



Export CMS Pages

Magento 2 Export-Import CMS Pages Extension allows exporting CMS pages into a CSV format, including all related data.

It exports CMS Pages in a CSV format that can be directly be re-imported back into the Magento system without any additional modification.

Stores admins can:

  • export CMS Pages data: such as status, content heading, content, meta description, meta keywords, meta title URL key, modification time, creation time, page layout, layout update content, custom template, the store id, and more;
  • select the data is to exclude from the CMS pages export
  • export CMS pages in one click and download the exported CMS Page file

On top of that, the extension displays detailed errors and success messages, that may occur during the CMS pages exports.

Import CMS Pages

Magento 2 Export-Import CMS Pages Extension is also handy for doing data transfers, allowing store administrators to export CMS Pages from one Magento installation and import them to another Magento installation.

  • Import Behavior: select CMS Pages import action: replace, add/update, delete
  • Sample Import available: the download sample file appear on each import selection, allowing stores admins to download with a click, and prepare his import file based on a sample
  • Validations strategy: choose to stop the import on error or skip error entries
  • Errors Count: specify the number of errors that can occur before the import is canceled
  • Fields separator & enclosure.: admins can define the fields separator to use during the CMS pages import and choose to enclose each field
  • Detailed validation messages are displayed during the CMS Pages import, informing admins of the possible errors before importing CMS pages

On top of that, the extension displays detailed errors and success messages, that may occur during the CMS pages imports.


Export History

Magento 2 Export Import CMS Pages Extension allows store admins to monitor and control CMS Pages exports from the backend, identify a successful and failed export including all details.

The extension :

  • Log all CMS export with a detailed Infos such as export date, filters (eg. selected CMS store, excluded CMS data), username, execution time, exported file, message, and status
  • Allows to bulk clear CMS export log with a single
  • Allows to delete a single CMS export log with a single
  • Automatically clear CMS export log after a specified time period, e.g. remove CMS pages export log for 25 days ago or more.

Store admins can choose the disable the CMS history/log in the backend in case they do not need a CMS export history

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