Magento 2 Product Grid Inline Editor


Magento 2 Product Grid Inline Editor extension allows you to edit/update product data/attributes from the grid. Edit one or multiple, product data from the grid.


The extension has 2 separate ways of installation: composer and package upload.

Please follow this Installation Guide to install the extension.

Extension Configuration

Configuration Settings

To configure the extension, log into the Magento 2 Backend and go to STORES ⟶ Configuration ⟶ ULMOD EXTENSIONS ⟶ Product Grid


Inline Edit Mode - choose the mode to edit/update product data from grid

  • Single Cell: edit one cell of the product at the time.
  • Multi Cells: edit multiple cells of the product at the same time, and click "Save Edits" button to save all cells edited..

Product Links Column (Related, Up-sells, Cross-sells)

Product Links Data To Display - select one or more data to display in the related, cross-sells, and up-sells grid's cell. Default: "Name"

Products Links Qty Limit To Display - specify the number of related, cross-sells, and up-sells products to display on the grid's cell

Quantity Stock Column

Auto-Update Stock Status - If set to "Yes", stock status will auto-change to 'In Stock' when quantity is positive and to 'Out of stock" when quantity is zero or negative. If set to 'No', stock status won't update automatically.

Remove Decimal From Quantity Column - If "Yes" the decimal will be removed in the quantity column value. eg. 100. If "No" the decimal won't be removed in the quantity column value. eg. 100.0000.

Quantity Sold Column

"Qty Sold" Date From - specify the start date to count the number of products sold in the "Qty Sold" column.

"Qty Sold" Date To - specify the end date to count the number of products sold in the "Qty Sold" column

"Qty Sold" Order Statuses - select order statuses to be counted in "Qty Sold" column.

Edit Product From Grid

To edit prouduct from grid, go to CATALOG ⟶ Catalog ⟶ Products

In Default, Attributes and Additional Tabs columns, you can choose the prduct attribute to make editbale in grid


Example of multiple ceils edit in one row


Example of multiple cells edit in multiple rows


Example of custom filters and templates


Example of related, up-sells, and cross-sells products displaying in grid


Save product edit templates in grid


Add/Update product images and videos in grid


Extension Support

Need Help?

If something does happen and you think you might be experiencing an issue or bug, please contact us via [email protected] or submit a ticket from our Helpdesk Ticket and we will help you out.

Got Questions?

Should you have any questions or feature suggestions, please Contact Us. Your feedback is welcome!

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