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The extension allows to import coupon codes in bulk. Save time on transferring coupon codes between Magento 2 installations.


The extension has 2 separate ways of installation, via Composer or by copying the code.

Please follow this Installation Guide to install the extension.

Import Coupon Codes

Import Coupon Codes

To import coupon codes, log into the Magento Admin panel and go to MARKETING ⟶ Shopping Cart Rules, select the rule to bulk import the coupon.

Under Tab Information section, set Coupon to Specific Coupon, and select the Use Auto Generation checkbox.

   Important Note:

  • The Cart Price Rule should exist before doing the import. If you are creating a New Cart Price Rule, make sure to first save the rule by clicking the Save and Continue Edit or Save button before importing the coupon codes

Scroll down to the Manage Coupon Codes section

At the "Bulk Coupon Codes Import by Ulmod" sub-section, select the "Import Type":

-- If Plain-text, is selected, enter the coupon codes to import in the text-area, one coupon per line. Click "Import Plain-text" to import


--  If CSV File is selected, select the CSV file to import and click "Import CSV File" to import. You can click the Download Sample File link to download the sample CSV file and use it to prepare your CSV import file.

 CSV File Note:

  • Please edit the CSV file to import on google docs or similar tools. If you edit on google docs, make sure to download as CSV (File ⟶ Download as ⟶ Comma-separated values(.csv, current sheet))


--  If TXT File, is selected, select the TXT file to import and click "Import TXT File" to import. You can click the Download Sample File link to download the sample TXT file and use it to prepare your TXT import file.

The list of imported coupon codes appears below at the grid.

Extension Support

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