Magento 2 Short Unique Category & Product URLs


Magento 2 Short Unique Category and Product URLs extension allow you to use SEO-friendly URLs for your products and categories. You can use shortest, longest product URLs or product URLs without categories path product URLs in the frontend. Also, you can use the shortest category URLs in the frontend by removing parent categories paths to any category URL.


The extension has 2 separate ways of installation: composer and package upload.

Please follow this Installation Guide to install the extension.

Extension Configuration

Before Getting Started

Before enabling this feature, please make sure to first set this field Configuration -> Catalog -> Catalog -> Search Engine Optimization -> Use Categories Path for Product URLs to Yes

Configuration Settings

To configure the extension, log into the Magento 2 Backend and go to STORES ⟶ Configuration ⟶ ULMOD EXTENSIONS ⟶ SEO Catalog URLs

Product URLs

Enable For Product URLs - if "Yes", the SEO product URLs will be enable

Product URL Type - choose the URL type to use for products:

  • Without Categories Path: categories path will be removed to product URLs
  • Use Shortest Categories Path: the shortest categories path will be used in product URLs
  • Use Longest Categories Path: the longest categories path will be used in product URLs
  • Use Default Categories Path: the default Magento 2 rule for product URLs will be used

301 Redirect All Available Product URLs To Main Canonical Url - If Yes, all available URLs of the product will be permanently auto-redirected (301 Redirect) to the main canonical URL. Note: This feature is useful when you have multiple URLs available for the same product and need to 301 redirect them to the URL used in the main canonical tag.

Exclude Category from Product Url - select one or more categories to exclude from product URL. The selected categories will be excluded from the product URL. To discard all selected categories, unselect/deselect the selected categories and click "Save Config"

Category URLs

To remove parent path to specific category URL, making the URL shortest:

  • please go to CATALOG > Catalog > Categories
  • Select the category, expand the Search Engine Optimization
  • select/tick the Remove Parent Path To Url
  • Save the category
  • flush your caches

The selected category will have the shortest URL in frontend.


To remove the parent path to multiple category URLs (bulk remove), you can use a category import tool to bulk remove the parent path to all categories or a list of categories. For example

  • include our Remove Parent Path to Url attribute:"is_ulmod_short_cat_url"  in your category import file
  • set "is_ulmod_short_cat_url" to 1 for any category that you want to remove category path 
  • set "is_ulmod_short_cat_url" to 0 for any categories that you want to keep their parent path
  • run your import

All categories that have "is_ulmod_short_cat_url" set to 1, will have their parent's path removed in the frontend. 

Frontend View

Example of product URL with longest categories path


Example of product URL with shortest categories path

Example of product URL without categories path

Example of category URL with parent path removed


Extension Support

Need Help?

Ulmod Support team is always ready to assist you, no matter which part of the world you are in. If something does happen and you think you might be experiencing an issue or bug, please contact us via [email protected] or submit a ticket from our Helpdesk Ticket and we will help you out.

Got Questions?

Should you have any questions or feature suggestions, please Contact Us. Your feedback is welcome!

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